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Frecuently asked questions

How to color Color Me Mine Accessories?

Plan your colouring before you start and protect work surfaces and clothing while colouring. Test Different color combinations on a paper before coloruring on the fabric. Do not 'over colour' ot excess ink may rub off the fabric over time.

Can I remove the colors after have colored my accessories or another surface?

Color Me Mine markers are permanent on fabric and porous surfaces, so you can color your accessory only once. Keep markers away from wood, wallpaper, painted walls, carpeting and other stainable surfaces. If you color them accidentally, the ink may be removed from some surfaces using common household cleaners. Test surfaces first.

How can I clean my Color Me Mine accessories?

Satined Color Me Mine accessories are not launderable. Use damp cloth and mild soap or dish liquid to clean them and lay flat to dry.